Friday, January 7, 2011

How did it get so late so soon?

It seems like winter break is coming to an end. Soon to be gone are the days of me doing nothing except eating, filling out grad school applications, and going to sleep at a sensible hour.  Hopefully the eating (and subsequently cooking!) part will still be happening when I go back to school and the whole grad school applications bit will be soon over.  However, the days of rest and relaxation will soon be gone as I venture back to the whirlwind and sometimes hellish experience of going back to school.   With one semester left I am happy, but I do feel like it will be my hardest.  See...I really only need two more core ChemE classes to graduate, but to keep my scholarships I have to take at least 4 classes total.  Unlike most of my friends who are filling up the void with dance and music classes-I, the overachiever of the group, am taking 4 ChemE classes.  But fear not, I promise you the reader and myself that I will continue to post....I do warn you though expect some whining as I go through my design class.  We have to work in groups and if I had started this blog last year, I think that 's all you would have heard me whine about!  But alas perhaps I can appease my lovely design group with some goodies? (MMMmmm....)
Anyways...nothing much has happened yet...just anticipating school, but to settle the nerves I baked a batch of croissants.  For a second attempt, I think they came out fairly well.  So enjoy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years and a Resolution I Can Try to Accomplish

     Wow...I've finally done dream!  A food blog!  Ahem...perhaps I should properly introduce myself.  You all may call me A-I'm a little shy so you'll have to excuse the cheeziness that inherently goes with being referred to as just a letter.  My shyness is what inspired me to even start this whole thing to begin with.  Breaking out of it or actually just getting over my fright of talking (or typing?) in front of others was my New Years resolution.  I figure who better to get me out of my shell than other foodies!  Anyways...I'm currently on holiday break from the U of A (take a guess as to which one...); I'm currently a senior in chemical engineering so you'll have to excuse me if I start talking science gibberish esp. since this semester I'm taking several classes solely dedicated to fluids (mayonnaise....anyone?).  
     I hope that I'll be able to share many memories soon with all of you and I hope you enjoy.  I don't know if I'll start posting recipes...but if things work out and time permits I'd be glad to! 
Today I had lunch with my pop who came down and we feasted on what my mom used to a call a Cornish Pasty...even though now I know it's not....but the name has stuck and all that matters is that it was tasty and delicious.  Enjoy!

My piece....

Excuse my very ripe green bananas...I went on a trip that got extended, left them in the fridge and now they won't ripen.. :'(